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  1. a concerned Medic says:

    you guys really need to stop this before one of you get killed. i know its fun and a rush but please the rush in Gadsden nov,28 could have been bad i have seen so many die there. the current gets them and pins them under a rock that was really dangerous i know yall probable laugh in the face of danger just as i laugh death in the face each time i beat it Ripper. you 3 guys have your life to live. but the falls in gadsden is not ment to be tamed it has killed many and will continue to kill more….. think of all the people that seen you who think they can do it or maybe the kids that were there who seen you, you gave them a thought now when someone goes over and dies can you live with that knowing you gave them the idea? so instead of posting more you might want to watch the post in gadsdden for when a young child goes over because he seen 3 men go over. kids are shaped by what they see… im happy my childern was not there to see this and we just live right down the road i wish you all luck i hope you have some one watching over you at all times if this continues because its not going to end well and i hope its not me who gets dispatched out to you i wish you 3 much luck in the future

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